Monday, September 7, 2009

project management-assignment-

Question 1
In one paragraph of not less than 50 words, summarize the three-sphere model of systems management in your own words.

Basically, if we want to start a project, we must think the three basic concept of system management, which are; business, organization, and technology.Under the business concept, we tend to think, are this project make a profit and how to maintain the revenue? Or, how we get the budget in order to make the project? These questions will appeared when we think about project more to business. Then, if we talk about the organization, we tend to think about the organization or society. Will the project affected to the organization? How we implement to the organization? Furthermore, when it comes to technology, this question will come, what will we use to create the project? How much hardware that we use to the project? Is it good to use the simple software to create the project? These questions will be appeared under the concept of technology. So, how can we make a successful project? The answer is we have to balance the three concept of system management. In other hand, we have to look the entire concept using a holistic approach. With this, the project may success, Insya Allah.

Question 2
Search the internet and scan information technology industry magazines or websites to find ONE successful IT project. Describe the project. List TWO each of the business, technology and organizational issues that you think can be addressed for the project.

One successful IT project that I found is wireless internet connection in UPM. UPM has established the wireless internet connection at everywhere, around the university, even at the hostel.It makes the student easier to browse the internet in order to get the information from the internet. Moreover, the student can get access to the system easily. The question is how UPM make the project successful? Firstly, under the business concept, how much cost to build the system? Then, what method that UPM can use to generate the budget? Then, regarding to the technology concept, the question is; what specification of hardware that will be use in order to support the project? Do UPM create the system itself or hire another company to build it? Then, under the organizational concept, the issue is will this project give impact to the UPM society? Who will administer or maintain the system?

Question 3
Which of the issues that you have defined above do you think is the MOST important to the project and why?

The issue that I think the most important is how much the cost to build the system. It is because; we must have the budget in order to build the project. Moreover, we have to utilize all the constraint especially the cost of project. However, the other issues also important such as what specification of hardware that will be use in order to build the project, but it is not so crucial.

Question 4
Search the internet and scan information technology industry magazines or websites to find an IT project that failed or have problems due to any ONE of business, technology or organizational issues. Describe the project. Describe the issue that made the project failed.
One of the IT project that have failed or have problems is e-attendance in IIUM. IIUM has established one system which is the students has to swipe their matric card to the device and that device will record their attendance. Initially, the system has success, however, for the long period, the system doesn’t change anything. IIUM tend to use the previous method in taking attendance. Why? I think, it is related to the organization. The question is; how the student who doesn’t have matric card can enter to the class? Is it possible to the student swiping their friend’s matric card if their friend doesn’t want to come to the class?

Question 5
Think of a real or an imaginary organization that you are interested in. Draw a graphical illustration of each of the different organizational structures (i.e. functional, project, matrix) for the organization that you have selected.

Question 6
Discuss the importance of top management commitment for successful project management. Provide examples to illustrate the importance based on an already implemented project that you are aware of, or based on an imaginary/proposed project to be done in future.
In order to become a successful project, the top management play the important role towards their under management. Here, I will list down the importance of top management such as Director of the project, CEO, or Manager.
• The top management must to observe the progress of the project.
• The top management has to cater all things regarding to the project such as budget and so on.
• The top management has the authority to control all the activity in the project.
• The top management such as project manager has to tolerate with other staff and understand their opinion or suggestion.
• The top management must open-minded and think creative towards the project.
For example, in CONVEST 09 (IIUM), the top management like CEO has to cater all things from biggest to the smallest things regarding to the project. He also has to observe the other staff or project manager either their do the work or not. So, the top management has their important role in order to make the project is successful.


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